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Amazon has by far become one of the biggest, if not the biggest site for shopping online in the world. You can find anything and everything on it with the company also having branched into many other services such as TV & Technology. With more people staying at home lately than ever before due to the panic Amazon have seen a surge in people using their website. This has led to many suppliers and manufacturers turning to Amazon as their sales channel.

As we lead up to Christmas we can only expect for the amount of sales on the site to continue to rise with people looking for the perfect gifts for their friends and family this Christmas. Amazon has also become a hub for people wanting to find customised gifts. At the moment this is the fastest growing trend with people not just wanting to get gifts but get personalised gifts so that they are unique and add that personal touch to the person that they’re giving it to.

Here at not only do we sell all of our high-quality domestically made gifts on our website but they are also available on Amazon. Each of them can be personalised with a unique and special message or even the persons names so that it really does show that you’ve taken the time to really consider what they want this Christmas.

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